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2020 annual ceremony and awards conference

2021-04-12 Company News

Huizhou Chenxin Intelligence Technology Co.LTD 

2020 annual ceremony and awards conference ended successfully

On January 25, 2020 annual ceremony and awarding ceremony was held in the Huizhou Ballroom. All staff guests and supplier gathered together. There are nearly 150 people in total.

The opening of the annual ceremony, A piece of traditional Chinese dance ignited the enthusiasm of the audience. Classical dance combined with modern, everyone clapped and applauded.


Review 2020 & Outlook 2021

Mr Liu, chairman of Chenxin, delivered a speech at the annual ceremony. He said that: "2020 is a hard year but also a year full of vitality and achievements. Thank you for your dedication and hard work. I believe that 2021 will be a better year. I hope everyone can meet the opportunities and challenges with confidence.

Then the company's senior leaders summarized and analyzed the marketing results and market development status of chenxin in 2019, and planned and deployed the 2019 development plan.Next, the company’s senior executives reported on the 2020 operating income, sales dynamics, and product analysis, and then the managers of each department made a summary of the department’s work.

Annual Awards Ceremony

In 2020, the company has gone through a lot, and all the employees have achieved success together and overcome difficulties. There are many extremely serious people in it. At the annual conference, individuals and departments that have made significant contributions to the development of company have been commended and rewarded. The award-winning employees have won recognition from the company's leader with their hard works. They are the backbone and indispensable part of the company. Because of them, the company gets better and better and has a future. At the same time, the company's manager also hope that everyone can make persistent efforts and create greater glories.

Wonderful performance

The employees of the company brought wonderful performances, such as magic performances, jazz dances, retro dances, cross talks, and skewers. Everyone talked and laughed and spent a wonderful night together.



Happy New Year!

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