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New product recommendation: RFID UHF Jewelry Tag

1. Product IntroductionProduct Size:Chip: NXP U7/8/9Memory: 96/128 bitsPrinting: can be customizedProtocol: ISO18000-6CThe jewelry tag complies with the EPC C1G2 (ISO18000-6C) standard, and the operating frequency is 860~960MHz, which is suitable for worldwide use.Each tag has a unique ID code, whi

Chenxin RFID library management label

1. Product size:Core ID: 76.2mmAntenna Size: 45*45mmWhite scale: 50*50mmAntenna Pitch: 5mmPET Width: 56mm2. Electrical characteristics:Manufacturer / Chip Manufacture / Chip: ICODE SLIXBase Material: PETAntenna manufacturing method Antenna: Etched AlumiumComply with standard Protoco: Comply wi

RFID anti-counterfeiting label applications and solutions

How to effectively prevent counterfeiting of goods? This is a problem that many companies need to solve urgently. When ordinary anti-counterfeiting labels are adopted, criminals often use high-tech means to forge counterfeit labels. The emergence of Internet of Things RFID technology has brought a n

Application of RFID in each link of tea products

Although RFID technology has been applied in all walks of life and achieved good results, especially in the fields of retail, shoes and clothing, logistics, aviation and books, the maturity and popularity of relevant applications have reached a certain degree. However, due to cost

RFID technology will give new life to the retail industry

For decades, RFID has proved useful to all industries. As retailers turn to Omni channel sales, this technology plays a greater role. With the outbreak of the epidemic, the retail industry has been greatly impacted, and the requirement of social isolation also makes the in

Lost miracles, Pangu in the universe!

Lost miracles, Pangu in the universe! Scientists have recently detected extremely strong radio signals in the universe. After Astronomers' analysis, strong radio signals are likely to be rare supernova explosions. Lost miracles, Pangu in the universe! Scientists have rec

Impact of epidemic on RFID industry

Although the commercial society has a stable and complex structure, the changes of the market are always uncertain. Since 2020, a COVID-19 has caused great impact on the global economy, and almost all industries have been seriously affected. The first outbreak of the epidemi

It is clear that ghosts do not exist, why would someone "see" something that does not exist?

All along, there will always be people who claim that they have seen "something that does not exist." Some people summarize this as: superpower, and some people think that this is pure "mental illness."For example, in 1994, the Nobel Prize in Economics was awarded to a mathematic

What's special about high-frequency smart cards

High-frequency smart cards use a frequency range of 1Mhz to 400Mhz, the common main specification is 13.56MHZ this ISM band, this band label is still passive-based, but also through inductive coupling for energy supply and data transmission, the large application in this band is known a

Let the cylinder have an ID card

Gas cylinders in our lives everywhere, gas cylinders, gas cylinders, oxygen cylinders, etc. , the number of these steel cylinders is many, basically all over every corner of our lives, in the management of these cylinders at the same time there are some security risks, such as its safet

Dark horse in the field of motion timing, RFID

In many competitive sports, the key to success lies in time, and many times the difference lies in the moment, which requires relying on fair and accurate timing.  

RfID applications in the apparel industry

All along, the business process of garment manufacturing enterprises is very complex and cumbersome, on the one hand to deal with the production process generated numerous related data, on the other hand to prevent the workshop backlog of a mountain of work in progress. The intro

The die-cutting process for RFID electronic tags

1 etching method First, the foil-covered PET film printed anti-corrosion ink to protect the antenna line graphics in the etching is not soluble, and then baked, etched, cleaning to get the antenna pattern we need. The advantages of this method are: mature process, high yield of ant

How retailers use RFID to prevent theft

In today's economic situation, the streets and lanes are full of charm. Compared with corporate companies, product pricing and unreliable supply chain management costs are putting pressure on catching up.In addition, retailers need to reduce risks for stores and employees in every step of their

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After years of development, smart devices have developed many functions to meet people’s needs. Nowadays, more and more families are supporting pets. Pets have become an integral part of many families. And pets cause more damage.Can the phone's reply function help people find their phone? Are t