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Let the cylinder have an ID card

2021-09-04 Industry News

   Gas cylinders in our lives everywhere, gas cylinders, gas cylinders, oxygen cylinders, etc. , the number of these steel cylinders is many, basically all over every corner of our lives, in the management of these cylinders at the same time there are some security risks, such as its safety status, property rights information, these are we need to understand. The traditional manual management method is prone to leakage and low efficiency when facing a large number of cylinders.

   In order to cope with the pain point in the management of this industry, the relevant departments have developed several RFID electronic tags specifically used in cylinder management. With the installation of this RFID electronic label, the bulk management of cylinders becomes more efficient, and the information on cylinder production, inspection, maintenance, location, use and replacement is clear, greatly ensuring the safety of a variety of cylinders when used.

   The first category is the RFID electronic label embedded in the body of the cylinder, this label has a better anti-metal interference performance, electronic label installation can be installed in the bottle body, can also be the valve of the cylinder


   The second category is glued to the surface of the cylinder, the label is strong, and has waterproof, scratch-resistant characteristics.


   The third category is tied to the cylinder in the form of a lead seal, which, once tied, cannot be removed, in case the label is removed will fail, which is conducive to ensuring the uniqueness of the cylinder information.

   Combined with RFID readers and management systems, enterprises can be very convenient to manage cylinders and user information, especially for gas companies, through RFID management system, you can master the frequency of user inflating, gas use, accurate grasp of customer gas big data, for enterprise management technology to provide scientific basis, truly do "one bottle of one certificate." Combined with RFID equipment and systems, RF identification technology has many more automation applications.



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