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It is clear that ghosts do not exist, why would someone "see" something that does not exist?

2021-09-09 Industry News

All along, there will always be people who claim that they have seen "something that does not exist." Some people summarize this as: superpower, and some people think that this is pure "mental illness."

For example, in 1994, the Nobel Prize in Economics was awarded to a mathematician named John Nash. The reason for the award was his "game theory" work in graduate school.

It is this great scientist who has suffered mentally since 1959. He always "sees" many things that others can't see, and seems to be living in his own dream. He sometimes claimed to the people around him that he had seen mysterious powers from the universe, and sometimes he claimed that he had seen messages sent by aliens and interpreted the messages. He was working at the Princeton Center for Mathematics at the time. , Often appeared in Princeton in the middle of the night, scribbling all kinds of mysterious equations on the blackboard. Therefore, he is also known as the ghost of Princeton.

In addition to John Nash, in fact, in daily life, people often claim to see "things that don't exist." So the question is, is this an illusion, or do they have the ability to surpass Superman's vision?

Regarding this issue, scientists have begun to conduct research very early. In 1958, German neuroscientist and psychiatrist Klaus Conrad proposed a concept, which was translated in Chinese and called: Graphic Mode Delusion, and in English: Apophenia.

He found that humans tend to find connections between unrelated things. This tendency will cause the human brain to make associations, and brain associations often imply that humans themselves are looking for corresponding patterns in random information. Generally speaking, the vast majority of ordinary people will not over-magnify this illusion. However, for some people with delusions, after they are stimulated by external information, their brain associations begin to over-interpret the external information they receive, which makes the patients themselves feel that they see a lot of "non-existent things".

John Nash suffered from severe schizophrenia, which caused him to have many hallucinations and auditory hallucinations. However, there are actually exceptions. Scientists discovered that some gamblers have delusions of graphic patterns. Gamblers will naturally imagine the digital graphics that they appear in the process of gambling, and then place bets based on this illusion, which is also known as the gambler's fallacy.

To put it bluntly, many people find that they see "things that don't exist" because of brain associations, or errors in processing information in the brain.

Among the many symptoms of "graphic mode delusion", there is a special category of graphics: human faces. Psychologists have discovered that human beings have a characteristic that they often associate natural things with human faces. This is also called: utopian trompeia. To put it bluntly, humans often regard some natural things as human faces. This phenomenon is very common and there are many cases.

On August 20, 1975, the U.S. International Aeronautics and Space Administration’s Viking was successfully launched. It took 10 months to sail to Mars, took photos of Mars around the world, and sent these photos back to Earth. These photos were released on July 25, 1976, and one of them attracted the attention of many people. This photo was taken in the Martian area of Sedonia, where there are many small hills. Among them, many people find that one of the hills resembles a human being.


Therefore, this "face photo" is also called: the face of Mars, and it is considered by many supernatural enthusiasts to be evidence of the existence of extraterrestrial life on Mars. But in fact, this is just an ordinary small mound on Mars.



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