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Application of RFID in each link of tea products

2021-09-20 Industry News

    Although RFID technology has been applied in all walks of life and achieved good results, especially in the fields of retail, shoes and clothing, logistics, aviation and books, the maturity and popularity of relevant applications have reached a certain degree. However, due to cost reasons, although many applications can bring results, they are difficult to promote. Therefore, some high value-added products with lower price sensitivity are often more active in RFID applications, such as tobacco, wine, jewelry, tea and so on.

    At present, the application of RFID technology in tea products has developed very mature, involving a very rich range of application scenarios and links.

    In the production stage, the manufacturer records the product name, variety, origin, batch, pesticide application, producer information and other contents in the RFID tag, so that when the product is purchased, it can quickly sort with the help of the RFID system, and give different purchase prices according to different products.

    In the processing link, the RFID system can also be used for rapid sorting. Only those who meet the conditions are allowed to enter the next link, so as to improve the quality of products. In addition, in the processing link, the processor information, processing method, processing date, product grade, shelf life, storage conditions and other information will be written into the RFID tag to facilitate subsequent traceability management.

    In the link of product storage and transportation management, RFID technology can track the product circulation, realize the accurate allocation of products and replenish the warehouse in time, so as to improve the efficiency. The monitoring of product circulation through RFID technology can avoid the occurrence of crosstalk accidents from the root. In addition, the use of RFID technology can greatly improve the inventory efficiency and reduce labor consumption.

    Overall, RFID technology can play a role in all stages of tea products from production, processing, circulation, transportation and sales. With the continuous maturity of relevant applications and the reduction of application costs, the experience of tea products can also adapt to other categories.



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