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30*15mm UHF anti-metal tag

Chip:Impinj R6p
Application:Access control, logistic management, warehouse management, asset management
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  • Printable flexible soft 30*15mm UHF on-metal tags

    The on-metal rfid tag adopt the new material with anti-interference function, which can effectively solve the problem of metal interference to the radio frequency signal of electronic tag attached to its surface.


    The flexible anti-metal label, on the basis of the anti-metal label, increase the flexibility of the ordinary label, can be pasted in the ordinary anti-metal label can not be fixed bending position and corners, and stable performance, can prevent the fixed label falling.


    1. Product introduction

    Chenxin flexible anti-metal electronic label using engineering plastics as tag carrier, sticker paper as the tag protection layer. Roll shipments, printable, compatible with printers.

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    2. Product Features

    High degree of protection IP65;

    Ultra-thin 1.25MM thickness;

    Has resistance to metal;

    Reading distance 0.7-1.5 meters.

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    3. Performance parameters

    Agreement - ISO18000-6C

    Size - 30*15*1.25MM

    Chip - Impinj R6/R6A/R6P

    Storage space - EPC 96bit, User memory 512bit/EPC 96 bit, TID 48bit

    Frequency - 860-960MHZ

    Substrate material - using engineering plastics as tag carrier

    Protective material - Adhesive paper used as the tag protection layer

    Protection class - IP65 (can be used in an outdoor environment)

    Fixed way - comes with stickers

    Shipping method - roll (500PCS / volume)

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