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Chenxin Smart NFC contactless reader

Chip:Ntag 213,Ntag 215,Ntag 216
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    Like RFID, NFC information is also transmitted through electromagnetic induction coupling in the wireless frequency part of the spectrum, but there is still a big difference between the two. First of all, NFC is a wireless connection technology that provides easy, safe, and rapid communication. Its transmission range is smaller than that of RFID. The transmission range of RFID can reach several meters or even tens of meters. However, due to the unique signal attenuation technology adopted by NFC, Compared with RFID, NFC has the characteristics of short distance, high bandwidth, and low energy consumption. Secondly, NFC is compatible with existing contactless smart card technology and has now become an official standard supported by more and more major manufacturers. Thirdly, NFC is a short-range connection protocol that provides easy, safe, fast and automatic communication between various devices. Compared with other connection methods in the wireless world, NFC is a close-range private communication method. Finally, RFID is more used in production, logistics, tracking, and asset management, while NFC plays a huge role in fields such as access control, public transportation, and mobile payment.


    Parking lot charging system Automatic charging system Public transit Access control system Attendance Vending machines, etc.

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